Couper un disque avec la toupie / Cutting a Disk With a Router

Cette technique est aussi appropriée pour couper des trous.

This technique is also appropriate for boring holes.

J’ai besoin d’un disque de 3’’ de diamètre. Cette planche carrée de 6″ offrira un très bon support à la toupie (défonceuse) et au gabarit.

I need a 3’’ diameter disk. This 6’’ square board will give sufficient support to the router and the template.

Voici les accessoires requis: un collet guide pour gabarit de 1’’ de diamètre, un gabarit ayant un trou de 1’’ de diamètre, et un petit clou comme pivot. Remarquez le point noir d’où sera inséré le clou.

Here are the required accessories: a 1’’ guide bushing, a template in which a 1’’ hole has been bored, and small brad as pivot. Note the small dot that shows where to drive the brad.

Après avoir repéré le centre de la planche, j’enfonce le clou dans le gabarit et dans la planche. Remarquez que j’ai placé l’ensemble sur un tapis antidérapant.

After marking the centre on the board, I drive the brad in the template and in the board. Note that I drop the whole assembly on an anti-skid mat.

Je monte le collet guide sur la toupie ainsi qu’un fer droit de 1/4’’ et je fais un tour de piste pour déterminer mon confort.

I mount the guide bushing on the router as well as a 1/4’’ straight bit and I make a test drive to check my comfort.

Je suis content d’avoir fait ce tour de piste car j’ai pu constater que le tapis n’est pas assez stable pour empêcher la planche de glisser. Je vais donc utiliser du ruban collé des deux côtés. Je dois avoué que pour percer d’aussi petits diamètres c’est le gabarit qu’il faut pousser pour que le fer puisse faire son travail et non la toupie elle-même.

I’m glad I did the test drive since I realized that the mat couldn’t prevent the board from creeping. Therefore I will use double sided tape. I must admit that on such small diameters it is the template that must be spun to get the bit do his job, not the router itself.

Après avoir fait le tour en plusieurs passes, je vérifie si j’ai percé jusqu’au fond. Après coup il serait impossible de remettre le tout au même endroit.

After cutting around with several passes, I check if I cut all the way through. Afterward it would be impossible de reposition the whole thing at the same place.

Voici le disque et le cadre, encore collé. Pouvez-vous voir le petit trou laissé par le clou ?

Here are the disk and the frame, still stock. Can you see the small hole left by the brad ?

Mon disque est presque terminé. Je n’aurai qu’à arrondir les rebords.

My disk is almost completed. I will only have to round over the edges.

Cette technique est applicable à tous diamètres de disques ou de trous.

This technique is applicable to any sizes of disks and holes.


4 Responses to Couper un disque avec la toupie / Cutting a Disk With a Router

  1. Al says:

    Looking at the last 2 pictures I always thought someone was behind all these crop circles. Now I know who! 😉

    Seriously I don’t know how you find the time to do all these great posts. I don’t even seem to have time to make the sawdust and scrap wood that I seem best at producing. And in two languages to boot!

    Keep up the good work.

    Regards, Al

    • Hey Al,

      Time is like money. If you don’t spend it on what you like, you’ll spend it anyway ! Seriously, being retired and confined at home because of health issues, I try to spend as much time as I can in my basement shop, and at the computer sharing my woodworking experiences.


      • Al says:

        I have read many books on woodworking techniques and methods and not one of them can hold a candle to your site.

        Your posts are pure gold and the most informative that I have seen anywhere!

        PS I also love the three chop saw bench. Hmmm, if only I had room for one like that. My personal fetish is for routers. I have four tables (2 of them home built) and probably another dozen or so hand held ones. Its quicker than changing the bits 😉

        I also wish I had your shop space, as mine is an L shape of 10′ x 8′ and 10′ x 6′ and I am admittedly a hoarder so its pretty full, but as soon as I throw something out I want something off it! Doh! I can’t win.

        All the best, Your humble student, Al

        • Thank you so much, Al for such kind words.

          My posts are my humble experience I decided to share with others.

          As I can see, you’re a tool fan as I am. Routers are also my personal fetish (including router bits). As already mentioned, if I don’t spend my money on what I like, I will spend it on something else. So… let’s go shopping ! 🙂 It would be insane to mention how many routers and router tables I own. 😦

          My first shop was a 8′ by 8′ outside measurements shed. And believe it or not, all my woodworking friends were jealous ! It was framed with 2X3’s, insulated and heated with a household 110 volts heater. This is probably where I learned how to get/be organized. I spent so many hours in it ! (think good memories).

          Thank you for your comment, Al.